FORT HOOD, Texas (FOX 44) — A day of new beginnings, for both outgoing Lieutenant General Robert “Pat” White and incoming Lieutenant General Sean Bernabe.

After an army career that spanned over 37 years, General White is officially out of command and entering retirement.

“No matter what anybody says, there’s no greater command than command of this corp,” he said. “I’m just telling you up front, write that down and you reflect on that in a couple of years.”

“I look forward to what this team is going to accomplish under your leadership,” he said during his remarks. “So again for those who were able make it on short notice. Thank you very much. May God continue to bless our soldiers and their families and all those serving in harm’s way. Phantom lethal.”

General Sean Bernabe has served for over 30 and most recently comes from the First Armored Division at Fort Bliss.

He has served in a leadership role at Fort Hood in the past, as the commander of the Second Armored Brigade Combat Team of the First Cavalry Division.

He says it’s good to be back at the great place.

“It’s exciting to come back to Central Texas,” he told FOX 44 News. “We’ve had a chance to see so many old friends and acquaintances from the last time they’re were here.”

“It’s exciting to be a part of this headquarters at the Third Armored Corp,” Bernabe said. “For me, it’s a great opportunity to have a positive impact on so many more soldiers and so many more families. So I’m most excited about that opportunity.”

Bernabe says he plans to continue White’s actions with the people first mentality and says he believes the shift won’t be too large as they continue their mission.

“Under my leadership, we will remain focused on taking care of our soldiers, our department army civilians and their families,” he said. “Once you’re in, we’re always ready to accomplish our mission. Always ready to deploy fighting land as required when required by our nation.”

General white says he has full faith in Bernabe and looks forward to his life in retirement with his family.