FORT HOOD, Texas (FOX 44) – The Fort Hood Family Morale and Welfare Center held a Family Resource Fair on Wednesday afternoon to highlight what the Army installation has for service members and their families.

“There’s nothing more important than, you know, being able to contribute in a meaningful way to furthering the educational goals of our soldiers and their family members,” Fort Hood Garrison Commander Col. Chad Foster said.

School districts, colleges, and more resource vendors were present at Wednesday’s event to show service members and their families what is open to them.

Jarrell Independent School District College and Career Coordinator Gina Taber said it’s important to be a part of events like this so kids of service members know what their options are when they move to a new area.

“We obviously have a lot of military families that are looking for the smaller school districts, generalize these right off of I-35, and we’re a smaller school district surrounded by a lot of bigger school districts,” she told FOX 44 News. “And for those communities that are better local, and those military families that are moving into town, it’s a great opportunity for those kids to kind of have that ‘smaller school district feeling.'”

Other resource tables included local colleges, financial assistance and consulting, family counseling, and more.

Event coordinator Terri Jones says there is something at these fairs for every service member – whether they are single, married, or have a family.

“We have a lot of soldiers who move into the area transition in over the summer, and they have questions about, ‘How do I register my children for school?,” Jones said. “‘What is the registration process? What school is my child going to even attend?’ We also have several colleges, and the the Education Department here in this building also assists with soldiers getting credentialed in the skills that they acquired through the military.”