FORT HOOD, Texas (FOX 44) — Squads from across Fort Hood are competing in the III Corps Best Squad Competition this week.

The Best Squad competitions range from the company level up to the United States Army Forces Command level, which will be held at Fort Hood later this summer.

Today, squads were tasked with different challenges, like being timed when putting on full protective gear and identifying potentially dangerous chemicals.

“As a team they’re going to be going through their survival skills,” MSG Adam Johnson said, the CBRN Lane Walker. “On reacting to chemical attacks, using their gas list and their protective mask, as well as going through different detection methods and unmasking procedures.”

This was just one of the challenges squads had to face, others were in combat like scenarios where causalities were on the field and they had to deliver care while protecting themselves.

Squad leader Sergeant Adam Acevedo says the challenges in the previous competitions have helped his squad move forward.

“They seem pretty similar I have a lot of past experience with these lanes as well, which is a good thing,” he told FOX 44 News. “So I’ve met some of those soldiers I have in my squad or not too familiar with these lanes, but we’re going to do great.”

With the heat today, leaders made sure to keep an eye on their soldiers and remind them of safety precautions.

MSG Johnson says these competitions are very different from when he was younger and he’s happy to see soldiers working together.

“When I went through competitions like this in the past, so it was individually based,” he said. “Now it’s changed to squad base. I like that it’s squad based now because it is promoting cohesion within the squads. Teamwork, building morale, esprit de corps, and just overall, just the squad is the backbone of the army.”

We’ll keep you updated here when the winner is announced later this week.