FORT HOOD, Texas (FOX 44) – Over 30 Soldiers from the 546th Medical Company (Area Support) have deployed to Europe for a nine-month rotation.

The Fort Hood Press Center said Thursday morning says this comes in support of the NATO Mission in Kosovo (KFOR). The Soldiers will provide treatment and evacuation capabilities to over 3,000 service members from 28 countries.

The 546th Medical Company is nicknamed the “Gators”, and is part of the 61st Multifunctional Medical Battalion (MMB) and the 1st Medical Brigade headquartered at Fort Hood.

“The Soldiers of the 546th have been training for months for this mission and they’re ready. It will be a challenging operational environment, given the many variables that the Soldiers will encounter,” said Lt. Col. Tiffany Bilderback, Commander of the 61st MMB. “The NATO peacekeeping mission in Kosovo will provide a unique perspective to the Soldiers about the many types of missions the Army supports.”

“We’ll be doing everything we can here at Fort Hood to support the Gators and ensure their success,” said Bilderback. “That means first of all taking care of families and making sure they’re connected and informed throughout the deployment.”

In addition, the Fort Hood Press Center also says that over 20 Soldiers from the 502nd Dental Company (Area Support) have deployed to Europe on a nine-month rotation, in support of U.S. Army Europe-Africa mission requirements.

The dental specialists will provide support to U.S. Forces forward deployed in the European Theater and dispersed throughout multiple locations. The 502nd Dental Company is part of the 9th Hospital Center and 1st Medical Brigade headquartered at Fort Hood.

The 502nd DCAS cases the unit colors prior to deployment to Europe (US Army Photo, 1st Medical Brigade).

“We have tremendous confidence in the abilities of these Soldiers,” said Col. Nathanael Forrester, commander of the 9th Hospital Center. “They are trained and ready to meet the challenges of providing high-level dental care in some very austere environments. The dental services they provide forward help preserve the strength of the force and keep Soldiers ready.”

Another important aspect of deployment is the impact on Families. “Communication is key when Soldiers are away. We do everything we can to make sure the Families of the 502nd are supported while their Soldiers are gone. They sacrifice so much to help accomplish the mission.”