WACO, Texas – A Criminal Defense Attorney from Fort Worth is in Waco right now after walking 100 miles to get here.

But we aren’t his final stop. Leon Reed, Jr. is making it a goal to walk all the way to the Texas Capital to meet with Governor Greg Abbott and bring about police reform.

“Have a real talk on how we can get the ball going on bettering police and community relations. It’s a serious topic that needs his full attention,” said Reed, Jr., during a stop in Waco.

The former Marine and Fort Worth native started his journey on Sunday – and although he’s already walked 100 miles to Waco, the half-way point, he says he’s not stopping to celebrate until he reaches his end goal.

“Being halfway, to me, is basically irrelevant. Because I haven’t gotten there yet. So I can’t pat myself on the back and say, ‘Look at how far I’ve come!’ when I haven’t arrived yet,” said Reed, Jr.

Reed says when he gets to Austin, he wants to hand Governor Abbott a letter detailing his thoughts on police reform.

“In an act of desperation, we need the Governor to lead us out of this mess. And I want him to be the next governor in a long tradition of Texas governors whose taken on national leadership and taken difficult situations by the horns and gotten us stuff done. I want him to succeed,” said Reed, Jr.

He hopes to bring change one step at a time.

“I’m just grateful that God has allowed me to keep pressing forward,” said Reed, Jr.

Reed has another 100 miles to go. He hopes to average 30 miles per day – 15 miles in the morning and 15 in the evening at a three mile-per-hour pace.

He hopes to reach the Capital next week.

To follow him on his journey, you can click HERE.