Founders Day 2021: Giving back to Hidden Treasures by Caritas


WACO, Texas – We at FOX44 are celebrating the 25 year anniversary of our parent company Nexstar, along with thousands of other employees across the country.

As a way to give back to our local communities, we paused our daily tasks to lend a helping hand.

“The best thing we can do is to give back to our communities as a thank you for how they help make our company and build our company,” Nexstar founder Perry Sook said.

Sook says the goal of Founders Day is for employees to give back to their local communities. As the company celebrates 25 years on June 17, FOX44 gave back at the Hidden Treasures Caritas Thrift Store in Waco.

“It feels great being able to be here with my bosses, with my co-workers, and just spending the time together,” KWKT reporter Jessica Rivera said.

On Founders Day, every employee in the company puts their normal routine aside for half a day to focus their time helping the community. Over 30 of our employees grabbed a new assignment on Thursday.

“We are testing appliances and fans,” KWKT Senior Marketing Consultant Kenyouna Ridge said. “If they work, we clean them off and hand them to one of the workers here, and then he tapes them up and then they are ready for resale!”

Hidden Treasures Community Donations Manager Dottie Carter says she has been working in community donations for 15 years, and she was emotional sharing how this small act makes a big difference.

“If you don’t have it, and somebody is there to give it to you, it helps,” Carter said. “Any one of the employees here will go out of our way to help you. That’s what Caritas is about.”

Carter says the two locations are funded by donations, and the money raised by purchases goes back into their community outreach programs – so every item counts.

FOX44 General Manger Mike Lee says it’s great to be a part of a company which supports and encourages employees to go out and devote time for a good cause.

“Experience what it’s like to be out in the community, experience what it’s like to work on something that is directly going to affect someone else in our community,” Lee said.

With a 26 percent poverty rate in Waco, our team feels good knowing the work they are doing is helping push the mission of Caritas along.

“It’s a huge part of not only serving people in front of the screen, but also serving them behind the scenes and doing things to better our communities,” KWKT Sports Director Matt Roberts said.

We have volunteered thousands of hours at this location over the years, and the impact continues to grow – for the community and us.

“We live in this community. We obviously work in this community, and to know that we’re going that extra step than we usually would is just a great feeling,” KWKT reporter Cameron Stuart said.

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