WACO, Texas – If you’re looking for a furry friend to live in that new home with, tomorrow is the day for you.

The Humane Society of Central Texas held a free adoption day today and will be continuing the free adoptions until the end of the day tomorrow.

As of now they are at max capacity, and do not have any open kennels for dogs brought into the shelter.

They are also warning those with furry friends that with tomorrow being new years eve, make sure to bring them inside in case they get out due to fear of fireworks and loud noises.

“Fireworks or whatnot. If your dogs are left outside in the fireworks going off, it’s going to freak them out a little bit and they’re going to try to get out of the fence and escape. And then of course, we’re closed new year’s day, which is Saturday and then we’re closed on Sunday, so your dogs will be out free roaming, possibly till Monday when we open. So please just really, really want to stress if you have a dog and you have capabilities to bring that dog inside to please bring the dog inside.”

So make sure to bring those furry family members inside and if you’re looking to add a loved one to the family, go check out the Humane Society of Central Texas tomorrow.