WACO, Texas – Governor Greg Abbott’s campaign trail led him to Waco Wednesday morning as he met with advocates for the Second Amendment, even receiving two endorsements from the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association.

During the event held at the Palladium downtown Waco, Abbott talked about defending the Second Amendment, Constitutional Carry and securing the border wall.

“We know what Beto wants to do. He does want to come and take your guns and undermine your second amendment rights, and we are not going to let the happen!,” Abbott said.

This is the second week in a row that Waco has been the center of Governor Abbott’s re-election campaign.

“We are all paying a lot more attention to Central Texas with regard to economic development, with regard to the principles people around here believe in,” Abbott said.

Abbott also addressed other topics he and Democratic challenger O’Rourke disagree on.

“There is political catalyst if the election goes the wrong way. Look at the idiotic idea where Beto stands on defunding the police. Defunding the police has always led to more crime in communities,” Abbott said.

With the talk of communities at the forefront, he told supporters that President Biden has an open border policy, attracting people from 150 countries to Texas.

To combat that he has secured 1,700 panels from Former President Trump’s effort to build a border wall.

“So we are able to build it faster, build it cheaper,” Abbott said. “Texas is going to continue to build that wall until we return to the White House a true Republican who will continue to build that wall and secure our border.”   

Abbott says Texas will be the first state to crack down on the deadly drug Fentanyl, making it a felony for anyone manufacturing it or distributing it.