Groesbeck community grieving the loss of State Trooper Chad Walker


GROESBECK, Texas – Shawn Perkins is part of a group called “We the People,” supporting law enforce and would like to see some change happen to protect those behind the badge.

“I wouldn’t know the first step on how this should begin, or start, you know I’m not a senator, I’m not a congressman, I’m just an ol’country boy trying to make a living trying to make a difference hoping to be heard,”  close family friend Shawn Perkins.

After hearing the news about Trooper Walker and another deputy being shot in San Antonio, Perkins knew something must be done.

“What I like to see is both drivers doors both door and glass reenforced as well as the windshield, I know there were some thoughts reenforcing the windshield I would like to take it a step further than that,”  says Perkins.

Which he did, Perkins is trying to get the attention of politicians to make this change happen.

“I’ve sent some messages to and and email to our former congressman Bill Flores, I’m trying to reach out to him and ask for his assistance,” says Perkins.

This isn’t the first time Groesbeck lost one of their members in the line of duty.

“We also lost Trooper Allen and its one too many there’s no reason to lose any at all.” 

Perkins says enough is enough and hopes to see some change happen.

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