WACO, Texas – The ongoing pandemic has caused many churches to transition their services online.

For two months, Pastor Kris Cervantes of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Waco has been conducting services through zoom.

During the service which took place on Sunday, April 26th, horrifying  photos popped up on the congregants’ screens.

“I wanted to cover my screen. I wanted to shut my laptop. But that wouldn’t get rid of it for everybody,” Cervantes said.

The images were child pornography.

“Simply your brain couldn’t figure out what that was because it was so off,” she added.

The images lasted nearly 12 seconds on screens.

The pastor said the hacker joined the service using a name that was familiar with the church.

“I think it was “Kristina B,” and we used to have a Kristina that used to come to church regularly, so it does not surprise me that, that person was let in,” she said.

Throughout the country, similar events have happened to college students and even government officials.

In a statement, Zoom says they “strongly condemn such behavior” and they have added features to make the conferencing app more safe.

“First you need to have a password for your Zoom meetings. This is actually the standard, as of May 7th, by Zoom,” said Cybersecurity Engineer Kierk Sanderlin.

The Waco Police Department is currently investigating the case, and says this is the first case in the area of this kind.

Cervantes said she hopes justice is served.