Hamilton woman responds to hateful COVID-19 comments


HAMILTON, Texas – A Hamilton woman is speaking out after her grandfather tested positive for COVID-19.

84-year-old Wayne Smith lives by himself in Proctor, Texas – about 35 minutes from Hamilton. He began feeling sick at home nearly two weeks ago – and after paramedics in Comanche couldn’t help him, he was taken to Hamilton, Texas by family. There he tested positive for the virus, and was later transported to Waco.

His granddaughter, Kadi Baize, posted a Facebook Live video because she says she needed to speak up after seeing nasty comments from people not taking the virus seriously.

“This pandemic is bringing out the worst in people,” says Baize.

Her Facebook video is going viral – with more than 7,000 views, 230 shares and 350 comments. She posted it after seeing negative comments about the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in Hamilton.

“I want people to know that that’s my grandfather. I brought him here because had we not brought him here, he would’ve died,” says Baize.

She says people need to be sensitive about the topic out of respect to those who are dealing with it.

“In crisis situations, I feel like sometimes the people who are actually going through things like this get pushed to the back burner – especially on social media, where it’s just a funny meme. A funny joke. Yeah, that’s funny. But people are actually dying, and we are sitting there hoarding toilet paper and griping about our kids not being in school. There just, there needs to be more love,” says Baize.

Right now, her grandfather Wayne is paralyzed in a medically-induced coma – he doesn’t just have COVID-19, he also has double pneumonia and congestive heart failure.

“I’ve never seen him like this. He’s always been a strong man, very strong. And it’s even more hard. You can’t even see him, you know? It just kills me that he’s in there fighting for his life and his family can’t be there with him. He’s all alone,” says Baize.

She doesn’t know what the future holds, but says we need to stand together against this illness.

“I felt like I had to defend whats mine. And it’s sad that I had to do that, you know? I shouldn’t be made to feel, my family shouldn’t be made to feel like that. And it’s sad when your community makes you feel like that,” says Baize.

Kadi says Grandpa Wayne has his good days and his bad days, and hopes he recovers soon.

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