Harmony School of Innovation tackles bullying


Anti-bullying took center stage at Harmony School of Innovation on Friday and kids got to meet some very special guests to open up the conversation.

“For me as a wrestler I deal with bullying a lot,” said Melissa Cervantes a.k.a “Thunder Rosa,” Professional Wrestler.

“Thunder Rosa” says she’s seen it all.

“Bullying in school was pretty tough out there so and I didn’t have the resources where I could go to my teacher and say ‘hey you know, i’m being bullied’ or anything, it’s like I felt alone,” said “Thunder Rosa.”

She says it took 15 years to overcome those bullies and feel comfortable in her own skin.

“I don’t like if people don’t like my accent, this is who I am, I’m a second generation immigrant and this is who I am and I love everybody and I want to show that you can respect people even when they don’t respect you,” said “Thunder Rosa.”

Bullying hits close to home for wrestler John Peterson Jr.

“I’ve dealt with it when I was younger but also my daughters dealt with it, and now my nephew’s dealing with it and everything, so it’s something that’s near and dear,” said Peterson, Jr.

He says there are several ways to overcome bullying.

“If you just ignore them sometimes they’ll go away, sometimes eventually you’re going to have to stand up for yourself and the thing is just teaching these kids the right way to do it,” said Peterson, Jr.

“I’ve always heard in my life, you, you’re this, you’re that, you know,” said Harmony School of Innovation Junior Desirae Coronado.

Today’s speakers showed kids of all ages that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“No matter what happens you can always persevere from it, you can take that pain or those situations and you can always find a way to grow from it,” said Coronado.

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