Have a trauma kit handy for the summertime


A concerned parent of two says every parent should have a trauma kit on hand for the summer to help treat their kids.

As kids start getting let out of school, they will be doing activites which can cause serious injuries. A first aid kit will not be able to treat injuries such as major bleeding and broken bones, but a trauma kit can.

When compared to a first aid kit, a trauma kit includes tourniquets, clothing sponges, chest seals, gauze rolls, woundseal powder, and more. 

Veteran Michael King says a trauma kit helped him treat his daughter in an emergency. 

“We are not always going to be right next to a hospital, and if we aren’t right next to a hospital, we need to be able to know how to stop bleeding, prep a wound, clean a wound, to get to the nearest hospital. That time in between can be critical – espeically with a severe injury,” King says.

You can buy everything you need for a trauma kit at your local convenience store.

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