Hawaiian Falls lifeguard saves girl’s life


Having your child nearly drown is something no parent ever wants to experience.

“We had a child in our wave pool that was experiencing some challenges, and one of our lifeguards observed and entered the pool and brought her out,” says Ryan Forson, Hawaiian Falls Managing Director. 

But for a lifeguard, this is a moment they prepare for everyday.

“As they came out, the child spit up some of the water that was ingested, and then was active and made it outside the pool,” Forson says.

Forson says the lifeguards spend countless hours training in preparation for moments like these.

“Our training system is designed so that they’re constantly watching their water. That is their focus and being ready to respond and pay attention and observe some of those signs and symptoms,” Forson says.

With summer approaching, local pools and water parks will be packed with thousands of guests. Forson says the key to water safety for children is adult supervision.

“Kids have to be watched, so having adults, parents, somebody nearby paying attention to the kids, always keeping an eye on them. There cannot be enough eyes on the kids,” Forson says.

He outlines some indicators to look out for when a child is struggling in the pool.

“Maybe they don’t kick their legs, maybe they lack some body position. They may be bobbing, you know, kind of poking their head above the water and just lack some movement. So it’s so important to know those details,” Forson says.

The young girl was at the park for a private event on Tuesday. Hawaiian Falls officially opens to the public on Saturday.

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