KILEEN, Texas – The grandmother of 19-year-old Cadarian Parker says she’s still in disbelief that instead of celebrating the New Year just days away, she’s making arrangements for her grandson’s funeral.

“He didn’t deserve this. But that’s okay. God’s got it,” she said.

While she was at the store on Saturday, she had returned to find herself heartbroken.

“I don’t know what happened, and stuff like that, but he didn’t have to take it that way. It was not that bad. But that’s okay, because God’s got him in God’s hands,” she said.

But one of her neighbors watched everything as it unfolded.

“I heard shots. Thought it was fireworks. When I heard it wrap up, I stuck my head out and I saw the individual sticking his hand out the car and shooting up the house,” said Artie Parker, a nearby neighbor.

Randy Mata says he knew there were children there at the home, and rushed to help out. He saw Cadarian laid out on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds.

As he was tending to the 19-year-old, this is when he noticed Cadarian’s younger five-year-old cousin crying for help.

“He was pointing down and telling me he had an ‘owie’, and that’s when I looked down and saw he got hit by the thigh. And that’s what kind of messed me up, because I have kids of my own,” he recalled.

The five-year-old was rushed to the hospital, treated and released – leaving his grandmother full of gratitude.

“That was nothing but God. He’s okay, and stuff like that, but we still have to watch out,” she said.

Though there’s still a lot of pain there, she says she feels relieved knowing police arrested who they believe is responsible.

“I’m so glad. I am. And they got them off the street. But I hope this doesn’t happen to nobody else’s family or kid,” she said.