WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Cen-Tex Roof Systems says the hot and dry temperatures we saw this summer have put a toll on our homes.

“We see issues with shingle roofs this time of year because they they’ve kind of cracked or made out of asphalt. So they kind of crack and things like that. So this is a good time of year to to get a roof or on your roof to look at it before those those leaks come up,” says John Ivy with Cen-Tex Roof Systems.

As Chief Meteorologist Mike LaPoint predicted, this week we’ll see a good chance of rain coming our way.

“Typically a good hard rainfall will cause a bunch of leaves to fall on the house if you have, you know, a canopy above your house. Those leaves can build up in the valleys and in the gutter edges and things like that, and cause water to back up underneath those shingles,” says Ivy.

John Ivy with Cen-Tex Roof Systems says this is a busy season for most roofing companies.
Ivy says, pipe boots tend to shrink with the heat and pull away causing leaks in your home.

“This time of year, after, you know, drying all summer in the heat, the rain can come and penetrate down beside those pipes. That’s where most of our leaks we see them in, like the bathrooms, lavatories, areas where there’s there’s plumbing,” says Ivy.

Ivy says to avoid potential leaks, it’s important to get an expert to take a look every few years.

“If its brand new. Then, you know, you want to wait five or eight years before you have that first one done. But after that, you kind of want to have somebody come out and look at it every couple of years just to seal some things up,” says Ivy.