FORT HOOD, Texas — Non-commissioned soldiers from the Third Cavalry Regiment on Fort Hood were in action today with the Heavy Weapons Leaders Course instructors to learn how to operate and fire anti-armor weapons.

“We’re out here today to fire some 50 cal and mark 19, as well as some javelin missile systems,” Instructor Captain Peter Falcone said.

This course is taught at military installations around the country, and the world, to continue training in case units deploy into combat.

“Just making sure we can use these weapons safely and know that we can communicate to each other to put all rounds on target in a safe manner,” Sergeant Caden Walker said, the Section Sergeant for Nomad Troop, 4th Squadron 3rd Cav. “I think that’s something it’s another takeaway I will take to bring back to my team when we get back to the base.”

The soldiers shot multiple different types of weapons today, from machine guns to javelins, and were able to learn how to not only perform these actions themselves but to bring back the lessons to their own units.

“A lot of these students have come through have been in leadership position for so long,” Instructor Sergeant First Class Johnathan Royals said. “They very rarely touch these systems and for them to get the opportunity to fire these and kind of get back to the basics, it’s what they need as leaders to be able to help their soldiers out when it comes to manipulating these weapons systems.”

So no matter what happens in the coming weeks and months, all the soldiers that were part of this training exercise today will take the skills they learned and put them to use to wherever they go next.