Helberg BBQ newest example of food truck expansion


WACO, Texas – The well-known Helberg BBQ food truck is opening the doors to its new building.

Many food trucks in the area are now opening brick and mortar shops, just as Helberg did this year. For the owners, husband and wife Phillip and Yvette Helberg, the move to a permanent location was always in mind.

“I just heard somebody the other day complain that there used to be a lot of good food trucks, and now they’re all restaurants. But, you know, that’s kind of the goal. Nobody really wants to stay in a food truck forever,” Phillip says. “So I think we’ll continue to see more food trucks turn into brick and mortars.”

The most popular spot in Waco for food trucks is on the corner of University Parks Avenue and Franklin Avenue. It’s right in downtown and within walking distance of the Silos, as well as plenty of businesses. Even there, food truck owners look at the bigger picture.

Another husband and wife ownership team, Michael and Chevy DuBose of the Blasian Asian food truck, are expanding their business to a restaurant in December. For them, the benefits of the move were plentiful.

“By being in a restaurant, we have everything we need right there. And it kind of gives Chevy some breathing room because it’s a lot of work doing that food trailer,” Michael says.

Both families also cited the weather as a challenge when operating a food truck. When the weather gets extreme, less people are willing to wait for their food and eat outside, rather than going indoors.

For Tommy Holloway of Silver Creek Ranch BBQ, this doesn’t matter as much. In fact, he would rather stay in the truck. For him, the mobility is key.

“Well, we’re mobile. We can do events and things like that. You know, we can move around. We haven’t moved much around here lately, but I mean, when we get a call to do an event we can go. Where a brick and mortar wouldn’t be able to do that,” Holloway says.

The transition has certainly worked for Helberg’s, which was named in Texas Monthly Magazines Top 25 new barbecue joints in Texas.

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