WACO, Texas — Many have passed away from the weekend tornadoes and others are still missing. The Salvation Army is helping first responders and those who have become victims of the storm.

“The very first response is going to be from that Salvation Army in that community,” Waco Salvation Army Major James Taylor said. “If it looks like the response is going to be too large for them to handle by their own, they’ll call our divisional headquarters in that state who will then send reinforcements to help them.”

When any type of natural disaster strikes, the Salvation Army is one of the many organizations that is ready to help when needed.

With the tornadoes in Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and Illinois, some of the Salvation Army chapters have called in help from other states to assist first responders and victims of the storm.

“The Salvation Army oftentimes is there very early in an event,” Taylor said. “In fact, I understand that the salvation army was at the site in Illinois within 30 minutes of the tornado, so they knew it was coming. They they kind of got themselves stood up and then as soon as it was out, they were on their way.”

Many of the units partner with the Red Cross and other non-profit organizations to keep resources stocked. When they run out, they either have a new truck sent to the area or buy at local stores to replenish the economy.

But Major Taylor says it is more than just about helping to feed and clothe people. It is also about being there for their emotional and spiritual well being.

“So the Salvation Army, regardless of who anybody is or where they’re from, none of that matters,” he told FOX 44. “If you’re if you’re suffering humanity, especially because of a event like this, the Salvation Army is going to be there and we’re going to take care of you.”

If you would like to donate towards the relief fund for those impacted by the tornadoes, click here.