Hewitt City Council work continues despite homeowner complaints


The Hewitt City Council discussed their upcoming budget while homeowners continued to complain about allegations against elected officials.

Some items in the budget are pay increases for city employees, new city vehicles and a new police recruit – all without increasing the tax rate. The budget will be heard for approval on August 13.

What was not discussed at Monday night’s meeting, however, was the current allegations of discrimination levied against the City Council. Some residents did speak on those allegations, saying they demand action by the Council.

“The longer this goes on, to not address it, is irresponsible. At least we need for them to release the results of the investigation. And we need some transparency there,” says Hewitt resident Erica Bruce.

The Council is also expected to hold a special election to fill the vacant seat left by former Councilman Kurt Krakowian in November. 

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