Hewitt homeowners left in dark hours after special session


Hewitt city councilors wrapped up their special meeting, leaving dozens of citizens in the dark on Monday.

Councilors began the meeting with an executive session, adjourning immediately after being behind closed doors. 

Hewitt residents packed the room to listen in on the list of agenda items, many of them at the request of the mayor. Residents say they just want to drama to stop.
“This is a disaster. We need to get rid of the city manager.”

Hewitt homeowner Anthony Martinez was one of dozens who waited more than a few hours for the special meeting. Martinez has lived in Hewitt for 18 years and says this is the worst administration he’s ever seen.

“The morale is down, several officers left and the reason they left is because of this king/queen operation going on within the city management. It has to stop,” Martinez said.

Council members originally planned to review several complaints. The latest against mayor Ed Passalugo and council member James Vidrine for alleged retaliation and creating hostile work environment. 

The newest complaint was filed by a city police officer. Now after ten years, city manager Adam Miles’ position is at stake.

No action was taken on any of the items.

“I think we really need to drain the swamp,” Martinez said. “I really think we just eliminate the city manager.”

Martinez says he and his neighbors agree the city should clean house. Wanting officials to not focus funds on lawsuits, but instead the people of Hewitt.

“If we don’t stop this now, it’s not going to go away,” Martinez said. “It’s going to get worse.”

The city manager says the current lawsuits are already costing the city $45,000. 

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