Hewitt neighbors seek to stop speeding drivers


Hewitt homeowners are fed up with drivers speeding through their neighborhoods, saying their children are being put in danger. 

They are now asking for police to do something about it before someone gets killed. 

Hewitt Police were seen on Spring Valley Drive tracking down speeders on Thursday. This comes as a part of a traffic study they are conducting before considering which options would slow drivers down. 

Some neighbors are okay with this idea, and say it’s a start. 

“People are going so fast that we can’t get out,” says homeowner Alicia Wilson. 

Spring Valley Drive is a major street surrounded by hundreds of homes, and even a school. Neighbors like Dawnett Hampton say people ignore the zones and the 50 MPH speed limit. 

“People speed up and down this road like crazy. Probably 80, at least,” Hampton says. 

These are high speeds neighbors say have caused accidents or something close to accidents. 

“A car had to slam on their brakes, go around us in a ditch and got back on the road. We’ve been hit almost so many times it’s been ridiculous,” Wilson says. 

This is a close call neighbors like Hampton have also seen. Things are so dangerous that she won’t let her son ride his bike on the street.

“I’m scared that one of these days I’m going to get a call that someone ran him off the road and he’s dead now,” Hampton says. 

With enough complaints, Hewitt Police are now conducting a three-week long traffic study to determine what can be done to slow people down. 

“I think it’s going to take more than just the cops watching or something like that. They are either going to have to change the speed limit or put stop signs or stop lights,” Hampton says. 

“I think the only solution is to lower the speed limit,” Wilson says. 

Police say if the traffic study finds out there is a speeding problem, they will come up with solutions to present to the City Council.

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