WACO, Texas – If you are planning an outdoors activity that may cause a spark with the current windy conditions, you may want to think twice.

Texas A&M Fire Services says we are currently in the dormant fire season, where extremely high wind meets the dry vegetation of landscapes, increasing wildfire activity.

Over the past seven days, state and local resources have responded to 176 wildfires burning a total of 8,418 acres.

Texas A&M Forest Service State Public Information Officer Erin O’Connor says now is the time for people to use caution in these conditions.

“In Texas nine out of ten wildfires are caused by humans and their activities. When we have days with conditions were it is warm, dry or windy we really encourage the public to be cautious with any outdoor activity that can cause a spark, and to be very diligent,” O’Connor said.

She says if you start a fire on accident or if you encounter one call 911 immediately.

“In the event they are doing things outside always have a water source nearby, check for burning restrictions and clear any other flammable materials and vegetation from the area,” O’Connor said. “Just make sure you have a clear area to do any of that work in” 

As wildfire activity increases over the next few days, the Forest Service along with other agency personnel are prepared to fight them.

Today the task force in McGregor were busy, as were the equipment used to fight wildfires in Bosque and Irion County.

“When we get called to assist the local fire department is [already] on the fire, they call us for assistance and we will roll in with our equipment, our dozers, our engines and our people to help suppress the wild fire. We also have access to aviation resources that can assist on a fire as well,” O’Connor said.

The fire service is asking the community to be aware of the local weather conditions before burning or doing any outdoor activities that will cause a spark.