Homeowners React to Recycling Trailers Across Killeen


KILLEEN, Texas. The meeting comes nearly a week after the council voted to put three recycling trailers across the city.

The measure aims to prevent more waste from going into landfills.

One homeowner, I spoke to today says it’s a great idea.

 I think it would be worth it…we need to do something because there’s too much trash, says Zena Rodriguez.

However, another homeowner says the amount of trailers may not be enough.

We got a lot of people, three trailers? I don’t know says Robert Hughes.

Currently, there are only two recycling facilities in Killeen.

The trailers would serve as additional hubs for people who are not a part of the Curbside Recycling Program.

Rodriguez says most people in the area don’t recycle because of the cost.

If there was a thing that people would recycle for free I think more people would do it. We don’t have recycling in these areas, we usually have to pay for the bins, and they get expensive, she added.

The cost of garbage bins in the Killeen area range from $16.25 to $19.78 per month, depending on the size.

Another concern is the upkeep on the trailers.

If its not supervised by someone watching what people throw in there, it’s not going to be very worthy, says Richard Beagle, another homeowner in the area.

There is no date on when the trailers are expected to arrive. 

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