Horses and dogs seized in Bruceville


The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office seized seven malnourished horses and 13 dogs in Bruceville on Friday. 

The deputies rescued starving livestock in China Spring just last week. Sadly, some of those animals didn’t survive. 

The sheriff says while the two seizures are not connected, both owners will be held responsible. 

One neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous tells FOX44 the owners are good people who love their animals. However, she says properly feeding those animals hasn’t been their priority.

She says, “It bothers me. It is not right. Animals didn’t bring themselves here, and if you have them you need to take care of them. Feed them and love them.” 

Sheriff Parnell McNamara says, “It is very disheartening. It is very sad. Some of them are very skinny, very poor, very malnourished. Their bones and ribs are sticking out, their hip bones.” 

The sheriff praised the the good citizen for calling them. 

“Everybody loves horses and dogs. And so, when they see something like this going on, they call authorities. We don’t tolerate cruelty to animals,” McNamara says. 

The neighbor points out the dogs have been breeding out of control and constantly looking for food.

She says, “They come over here sometimes, and if I have extras I throw it out and let them eat it. The horses should have had a big pasture – not that little bitty dirt place they were living on.” 

The sheriff has a strong message for animal owners in his county. 

“We don’t tolerate people mistreating these animals. They rely on us for care and food,” says the sheriff.

The deputies haven’t filed any charges against the owner yet. They are reminding everyone to be their eyes and ears in the community, and call them if they see something like this. 

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