Houses in Temple planned to be demolished


“I think they need to tear it down, it’s scary especially if you’re handicapped.”

This woman didn’t want to go on camera, but she lives next to one of the eleven houses slated for destruction, and will be happy to see it go.

“I’m glad they are because I’m scared to stay here by myself.”

She seems homeless people always going in the house at night.

“You can’t blame the homeless people because they are cold, but they will go in there and start fires.”

Truman Wite, Jr. used to live in this house about five years ago. He doesn’t want to see it demolished.

Wite continues, “It’s sad the house got like that, it’s real real sad, they shouldn’t demolish it. The trees are dead. Everything is dead around it.”

He thinks there is still something worth saving here.

“Salvage it, make it where they can fix it, that right there is the baddest part right there,” Wite adds. 

But Buford Craig, the Director of Transform Temple, says these eleven houses are dangerous to the community.

“It’s dangerous, we want the community to be safe so we address it from a health and safety view point, we want to look nicer and if you can get rid of some of the blight then the neighboring properties value or at least it can stop hurting the properties values,” says Craig.

The City of Temple sent a contractor in the houses to be examined. 

Craig continues, “If it cost more than a certain percentage than the house is worth then it is ordered to be demolished.”

Craig says it’s up to the owners to tear it down. But if they don’t step in and tear it down, then the city will.

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