KILLEEN, Texas – According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, only one out of every five students who are bullied report their problems to their schools.

The Killeen Independent School District has multiple policies and procedures in place to not only keep the student safe – but to end the bullying altogether.

“If you’re calling something in, we’re more likely going to receive that information, and we’ll take it and do what we need to do on our side of it administratively. But also we’ll turn it over, if need be,” Killeen ISD Chief Communications Officer Taina Maya said.

Killeen ISD is just one of the many school districts across the state and the country which have detailed procedures to handle bullying.

According to the National Stop Bullying initiative, almost 20 percent of students from twelve to 18 were bullied at school, and about 15 percent were bullied online or through text messages.

Many do not report out of fear of the harassment continuing – but Killeen ISD says they have ways to change this.

“Out of the three ways someone can make a report, is one of the easiest ways,” Maya said. “We also have a P3 system, which is a QR code that’s available. Anyone can scan that, and immediately report something.”

“We have an email address that does not track it, just accepts information, and it’s done on an anonymous basis,” she said. “And then we have just the phone. Pick up the phone and contact us.”

In today’s digital world, many are bullied online – through text messages or social media. Despite it adding a level of difficulty, Killeen ISD is able to handle cyber-bullying cases, as well.

“We are looking, and constantly learning, and being able to maintain our social environments,” Maya told FOX 44. “We have companies that monitor our social media accounts as a district.”

“But if students create accounts that are private, or sometimes aren’t directly tied to their name or have a fake email address, it can delay an investigation,” she told. “And that’s really just a way of how things have evolved.”

Maya ended by saying that if you are being bullied in any way, reporting it is the first step – and they are ready to assist their students every step of the way.