Pres. Biden extends the eviction ban until the end of July

January 01 2022 12:00 am

UPDATE: On Thursday, June 24th, the Biden Administration extended the nationwide ban on eviction for 30 days. The new expiration date is July 31.

This comes just a week before the renters moratorium established last year due to the pandemic was expected to end.

The White House had acknowledged Wednesday that the emergency pandemic protection will have to end at some point. The trick is devising the right sort of off-ramp to make the transition without massive social upheaval.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the separate bans on evictions for renters and mortgage holders were “always intended to be temporary.”

Many people still behind on payments were questioning what would happen next?

“When the moratorium is lifted, we are not going to file on the people who have made an application to the Rent Relief Program,” Waco Housing Authority President Milet Hopping said.

The renters moratorium first went into effect September 2020, and was scheduled to end on June 30, 2021.

Waco Housing Authorities and Affiliates President Milet Hopping says as long as a person has applied for the Texas Rent Relief Program, it will exclude them from eviction.

“We have no indication that H.U.D. is going to extend it, so that is the deadline. And we will start filing in July,” Hopping said.

The CDC has a list of ways people can be protected from eviction, and one of the requirements is to do your best to get government housing assistance in your area.

Hopping says they have used different ways to let people who still owe rent know this option is available.

“By mail, by email, and by phone. We also sent out call max reminders,” Hopping said.

Hopping says there was a significant number of people who did not know how to apply for the assistance program, so they received help from staff. They used the computer labs at Stella Maxey and Kate Ross apartments.

Hopping says they will also have another help session next week for the people who have scheduled appointments.

“I’m pretty happy what we are doing here,” Hopping said. “We are telling them that once they get the email that comes back to everyone who applies that says ‘Your application has been received.'”

Hopping says so far they have started to receive checks from the Rent Relief Program. To apply, you can visit the Texas Rent Relief website.

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