How to avoid mosquitoes this summer


This time of year brings warmer temperatures, rain, and bugs. Specifically mosquitoes.

David Litke is the Environmental Health Manager with the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District. He says, ”We have mosquitoes. We will never get rid of them. We can try to reduce the number, but there is always going to be some.

Frequent park visitor Felisha Biles knows when to stay indoors to avoid the pesky bugs.

Basically, when the sun starts going down, there’s more of them, Biles says. So we pretty much stay in from outside.

Every time Biles visits the park, she makes sure to put bug spray on. But besides staying inside and wearing bug spray, what else can you do to prevent a mosquito bite?

They’re looking for some exposed skin to bite, Litke says. So even though it’s hot outside, wear long sleeves and pants. It helps. The biggest thing at your house is to look for any standing water and remove those sources of water, because mosquitoes need that water for the egg to develop into an adult mosquito.”

Some people may be luckier than others when it comes to avoiding the bugs.

We have about 400 chemicals in our bodies, naturally,” Litke says. “That’s how we’re made, biologically. And that combination varies from person to person. So for some people, that combination is a little more attractive to mosquitoes than somebody else’s combination.”

Keeping screens on your windows and using air conditioning when you can are other ways to stay safe from mosquitoes.

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