A teen who had been arrested while at Midway High School on charges he showed intimate pictures of an ex-girlfriend to others has been indicted by the McLennan County Grand Jury on to felony charges.

Adrian Jai Hammond, who was 17 when arrested, was charged with publishing or threatening to publish intimate visual material and sexual coercion.

Adrian Jai Hammond

The case against Hammond began when a former girlfriend broke up with him even after he had allegedly threatened to show the intimate pictures to her friends and had uploaded them to his cloud account.

Instead whe went to police, who in the course of their investigation that the pictures had been shown to others.

She told police that he wanted their relationship to continue, including sexual activity.

Police have noted that “sexting” or sending intimate pictures has become widespread and have warned teens that posting or showing these kinds of pictures can lead to criminal charges that carry a two year jail sentence.