Humane Society of Central Texas Board decides to keep executive director


The Humane Society of Central Texas’s Board of Directors have decided not to terminate Executive Director Don Bland. 

This decision comes after previous talks of firing him earlier this week.

Bland says he is feeling exhausted after the board held special meetings over the last week regarding his future employment with the organization.

His supporters gathered both inside and outside of the Humane Society. They say Thursday’s decision to keep him as the director was a smart move.

“They have taken the high road, which is to sit down and start talking and resolve their differences peacefully,” says supporter Pat Kultgen.
According to staff members with direct knowledge of the situation, Bland was notified last Saturday that the board was meeting on Monday to discuss his employment. While no decision was made then, the board decided to hold an emergency special meeting on Thursday to make a decision – which came out in his favor.

“That’s all I can say, because we’ve got to sit down and work out our plan to move forward,” Bland says.

“It would be an injustice to let Don lose his position,” says supporter Susan Baxley.

According to Humane Society staff, possible reasons for Bland’s firing included the board’s disappointment with his continuous lack of fundraising efforts. But now that he’s staying, Bland says this setback won’t stop him from future plans with the organization. 

“And we’re going to sit down and work out what we need to do. To see where we need to move from here. So that we can continue to go forward and keep this place going in the right direction,” Bland says.

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