Humane Society of Central Texas needs your help


The intake area at the Humane Society of Central Texas needs to be renovated, but this means the shelter will lose around 80 kennels.

This makes it hard to find room for the dogs brought in, and even makes it difficult for some dogs already in the shelter.

Associate Executive Director Della Conner says, Our staff is working hard to clear the shelter as much as they can in order to make room for the renovations that are going to happen with the intake building. So we’ve got to make room for that to happen. The animals can’t be in there while it’s being done.

Volunteer Coordinator Mike Gray says, Urgent. Urgent. Urgent. Very Urgent. We’re going to lose 80 kennels. The City of Waco is an open intake shelter, which means we can’t turn dogs away. So if we run out of kennel space, we run out of kennel space. So we have to make kennel space.

The shelter’s staff is working diligently, but needs help.

”So we really need people to come in and either adopt dogs, or even foster dogs, Gray says.

So what can you do to help the animals?

Well, the biggest thing would be short term fosters at this point. Or adopters, of course. I think that is probably our greatest need. That is what would be most helpful. If you could foster for a couple of weeks, that would be great. If you’re interested in fostering, you can reach out to our foster coordinator, and we’ll talk about what works for you and what you’re interested in. And we’ll be so accommodating. We probably have something for everyone. Different sizes and different personalities of dogs. So anything would help, Conner says.

The renovations are scheduled to start June 23, and could last two weeks.

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