Hundreds gather for burial of DPS Trooper Chad Walker


WACO, Texas – Emotions were high as hundreds gathered at La Salle Cemetery on Wednesday to say farewell to Trooper and hero Chad Walker.

“These guys lay their life on the line everyday for us and our safety,” says community member Bob Lonah Walters.

After spending days on life support to give his organs as a donor, the Texas Department of Public Safety announced Walker’s death on Wednesday, March 31.

“What a good man he was by being a volunteer for organs,” Walters said. “He gave well past the end. That’s something that we should all be proud of.”

The community has been supporting Trooper Walker since the beginning, and the support won’t stop anytime soon for his family.

Retired officer Dane Spearman says Walker was only doing his job, trying to help, and the result was tragic.

“This isn’t easy,” Spearman said. “Not for you, not for the people he worked with. He was doing what he loved doing.”

His love is why many people came out and gathered along the outskirts of where the family stood during the burial.

Many people say they had to honor his life because of his impact.

“There was no reason for that man to lose his life,” Walter said. “So I think that’s, more anything, the respect, the honor that we hopefully will fill for him and his family.”

Many people traveled from far and near to honor the life of Trooper Walker.

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