Hyperloop could be coming to Waco


Waco may get caught in the loop – the hyperloop.  

The hyperloop is a new mode of transportation allowing trains to travel at very high speeds of up to 700 miles per hour non-stop. SpaceX’s Elon Musk assisted in develop this.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Transportation Council, or RTC, asked the state for permission to study the environmental and economic impact of a bullet train in 2017. Now they are also looking at a second project going from Fort Worth to Laredo, with stops in Waco, Austin and San Antonio.

Hyperloop testing is going on right now on a Nevada test track. It is not clear how much the project would cost or who would foot the bill for it.

The high-speed bullet train has been in talks for a few years now, with stops still possible in wacko, Temple and Killeen. Developers are all still in the early stages, now taking a closer look at the technology behind it all.

“If hyperloop turns out to be a real thing, something that is a true step forward, we’d like to be the first ones to implement that.” Chris Evilia is the director of the Waco Metropolitan Planning Organization wrapping up the first of many studies to make the hyperloop rail a reality.

The transportation could zip through Texas with speeds up to 700 miles per hour.

“A high speed rail option from the Dallas/Fort Worth area met the federal feasibility requirements. Including a stop here in Waco,” Evilia said.

Six MPO’s from Dallas down to Laredo are now preparing a second study in the fall to go over hyperloop technology.

“Our MPO will also be part of that effort,” Evilia said. “To take a look at, does that technology make sense? Is is a realistic option? But how do you also get this rail system into a dense-urban environment?”

Evilia says the study could help travelers plan their future trip but first, the challenge is narrowing down a timeline and costs.

“One of the challenges with a high-speed rail line is very high capital costs and oftentimes the public is asked to participate in that very significantly,” Evilia said.

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