January 01 2022 12:00 am

ICYMI: Waco radio station stops the music to address COVID-19 and schools


WACO, Texas – The conversation about how to send our kids back to school this fall has been a hot button issue across the country in recent weeks.

On Thursday night, a Waco-based radio station once again stopped the music to address the topic with educators in the community.

The last time 94.5 The Beat talked with community leaders about social injustice – but the conversation this time around was centered around the health and safety of our young people returning to school.

A community-wide conversation hosted by the radio station staff addressed major concerns regarding education and COVID-19.

“We here at 94.5 The Beat felt it was important to have the conversation with the community and community leaders to see what the plan is. If I send my child to school, what’s going to happen? What can I expect? Are you going to keep them safe?,” asked Jazzy the Midday Princess.

The answers to those questions were given by key leaders in education throughout the community.

District leaders like Marlin ISD superintendent Darryl Henson says through the radio forum he was able to communicate Marlin ISD’s vision when it comes to a safe return to classes.

“This affects every student across this nation. It’s important for parents to hear the real talk that we’re having. Its important for parents to hear the communication and the overall thoughts that we’re having as it relates to COVID-19,” Henson said.

Henson shared during the conversation that he and MISD’s staff would do all they could to ensure students weren’t put in danger of getting sick.

This same sentiment was expressed on the athletics side by Rodney Smith, Waco ISD’s newly named assistant athletic director.

“We’re doing everything we can to be over-protective for our coaches. For our kids. We don’t want them to take anything home. We don’t want to take anything home,” Smith shared.

Waco ISD Principal Daphanie Latchison says this form of direct communication between educators and parents is the key to overcoming those COVID-related hurdles in school this fall.

“School and home are definitely a partnership. And so, keeping those parents in the loop is very critical,” Latchison said.

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