Immigration rallies continue


While locals are enjoying this Fourth of July week, some community members are hard at work.

“Working towards freedom and liberty for the most vulnerable people right now in our country,” says Hope Mustakim. Her and other members with the Waco Immigrants Alliance say not everyone gets to celebrate freedom.

“During this week and this holiday, that they have the privilege to be able to celebrate with their loved ones and not everyone is does at this moment,” said WIA Member Jessica Jimenez.

They plan to make their message heard by marching to the Office of U.S. Representative Bill Flores next week in an upcoming rally with hundreds of postcards.

“And were also going to march down to the Sheriff’s Office because there is family separation that happens in Waco, too. In our own community,” said Mustakim.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz touched on these issues just weeks ago and introduced a new bill. 

“The Protect Kids and Parents Act, that will mandate that kids must stay with their parents,” Cruz said.

But during his visit to Waco on Tuesday, Cruz had this to say, “To do everything possible to secure the border, that means building a wall. And we need to build a wall to get it done.”

WIA members say there has to be a way to meet in the middle.

Jimenez says, “I think he does believe in the importance of family, and hopefully that can build a bridge to him understanding the importance. Not only for just documented citizens, but people in general.”

The Waco Freedom March is scheduled for Monday, July 9 at 8:30 a.m.

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