In 2019…the City of Marlin elects its first black female mayor


History is made in the City of Marlin, as its first black female mayor has been elected.

“Being a native, being here all of my life, I wanted to see Marlin prosper and grow. And I just felt like a native Marlinite needed to be somebody who speareheaded that process,” says Carolyn Lofton.

Being mayor wasn’t a part of Lofton’s plan.

“People came to me and asked me to run, and I’m like, ‘NoI don’t think so.’ And that’s probably been about three or four years ago,” Lofton says.

But walking the crumbled streets of Marlin, having undrinkable water, and seeing no economic development kept nagging her.

“We want to beautify Marlin so that we can make it attractive for anybody that’s willing to relocate here, any businesses that want to come here,” Lofton says.

Lofton’s mission is to correct the wrongs.

“Of course we need the water repaired so that it’s drinkable, so that it’s functional. We need the streets repaired. We need drivable streets,” Lofton says.

This all starts with the city’s funding.

“We’re looking at budgets, making sure that we have what we need. Are we going to be okay financially? And what we’re going to be able to do?,” Lofton says.

Lofton says she believes God gave her this opportunity so she could give her hometown a new direction and a fresh start.

“I know that the direction that He’s going to take Marlin, He’s using me as a tool. I’m just a vessel that He can use to get for Marlin. What He wants for them to have,” Lofton says.

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