FORT HOOD, Texas — FOX 44 News got an inside look at what a live fire field exercise on Fort Hood looks like today.

Many units were out on the range as some are preparing to head to the National Training Center at Fort Irwin in California.

But, what do the soldiers do out in the field?

“What you’re seeing here is they’re standing by getting ready to do kind of the biggest thing that they’re going to do as a company, which is a live fire,” Lieutenant Colonel Todd Poindexter said, the Squadron Commander of 4-9 Cavalry. “They’re going to take all 14 tanks downrange and there’s going to be targets presented and they get to exercise their equipment.”

LTC Poindexter told FOX 44 these training’s have been happening over the span of the past year as the units prepare for future training and the possibility of deployment.

“It’s everything from, you know, doing maintenance on the vehicle to how do I employ the vehicle or how do I troubleshoot a weapon that’s not working correctly,” he said. “It’s all of those things. But probably most importantly, it’s the building of cohesive teams over time.”

Colonel Poindexter also explained that many don’t under the difference between tanks and bradley vehicles. Bradleys’ are light armored transport vehicles that shoot smaller rounds of ammunition whereas tanks are heavy armor vehicles that shoot larger rounds.

But when it comes down to how the Fort Hood units accomplish their exercises, LTC Poindexter says it’s all about trust.

“The cohesion between people and crews and platoons and companies to that trust that comes at the back end of a training exercise where they’re like hey we did a really good job and now everybody kind of trusts each other again,” he said. “That’s what allows us to fight and win.”