Belton ISD trustees got a look at  the interior features planned for the new Lake Belton High School at their Monday night meeting.

The school is currently under construction in the City of Temple.

Future LBHS students, district staff, architects, and local historian Patricia Benoit presented plan to celebrate the history of the area and the significance of the new school’s location through wall graphics as well as hallway and other way-finding campus location names.

“Lake Belton High School will be our seventh campus in the City of Temple and will serve our ever-expanding district for decades to come,” said Superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon.

“With a vision of incorporating the rich history of the area, the significance of the school’s placement in the City of Temple and the district as a part of a larger economic region, we convened a special working group that involved our students in helping tell that story through unique and engaging interior features.”

In addition to selecting wall graphics, themes for the campus’ four distinct classroom areas were chosen. Those include: The Depot, representing the Santa Fe Depot and significance of the railroads; The Prairie, representing the significance of the Blackland Prairie; The Springs, representative of the water and the creeks in the area; and The Line, representing the Interurban railway and trolley that existed between the City of Belton and the City of Temple in the early 1900s before paved roads and automobiles.

“As the building of Lake Belton High School takes shape, it is not just changing the skyline of this community but also the future educational and economic opportunities for the Big Red Community,” said Board President Sue Jordan.

“Incorporating important historical references and images from the City of Temple and the City of Belton, helps to tell the story of what can be accomplished when our community comes together.”

In May 2017, voters approved a $149.7 million bond program to fund the construction of two new Belton ISD campuses and projects at two existing facilities to address the continued fast growth of Belton ISD. LBHS construction has reached 52 percent completion, with roofing for the new 394,000 square foot campus wrapping up this summer.

With capacity for approximately 2,500 students, LBHS is slated for completion in time for the 2020-2021 school year. The campus will open with grades nine and ten.