WACO, Texas – The Ironman Festival is happy to call Waco home for the next 7 years. The City of Waco is excited for this partnership and what it brings to the community.

The 7 year contract extension is to host an annual ‘Ironman Festival’ in Waco, which includes both a full and half ‘Ironman race’ each fall.

“I’m thankful that the city give us such a great relationship with McLennan County and with the Greater Waco Sports Commission and our sports community here in Waco to really make sure that Waco is a premier sports destination,” says Mayor Dillon Meek, with the City of Waco.

“The county commissioner at McLennan County were very excited and glad to be able to participate. And this has shown that it is a county wide event,” says McLennan County Judge Scott Felton.

Greater Sports Commission Executive Director Mike Vogelaar hopes the Ironman Festival will grab the attention of many athletes.

“Last year was the first year ever in North America that a city was able to host a festival, which is both the hundred and 40.6 and the 17.3 ironman races in the same location on the same weekend,” says Greater Sports Commission Executive Director Mike Vogelaar.

Vogelaar says with an event this size, it makes an impression on the whole community.

“For this community, for the restaurants, for the hotels, everybody involved, and we’re able to showcase our city and our resources. Like the park at the river and our beautiful countryside,” says Vogelaar.

They City of Waco will benefit from this community event as Vogelaar says it will bring in millions of dollars each year.

“Aiming to have both of those races in Waco, that’s going to be about a 16 billion dollar economic impact for this area every year for the next seven years,” says Vogelaar.

For those interested in taking part of this big community event, start training!

The next Ironman festival will be October 15th.