Is the heat affecting your air conditioning?


The summer heat is really starting to take a toll on air conditioning for many people.

The higher temperatures mean higher bills because the air conditioners work harder to keep you cool.
It is advised to not lower your air conditioner cooler than 70 degrees or higher than 80 degrees so you don’t freeze or overheat your unit.

“The heat that we have going on right now when it gets 100 degrees or above it really takes a toll on your air conditioning equipment, really puts it in max capacity, pressure goes up, working as hard as it is with this heat to keep your house cool,” says Brazos Air Conditioning owner Roloando Rodriguez.

Experts say if your air conditioner seems like it isn’t working right, turn it off and call a professional to look at it. Thisway, you don’t unintentionally break more equipment which will cost you more money. 

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