SALADO, Texas (FOX 44) – Community members in Salado have been nonstop working on clearing up the debris the EF-3 tornado left behind.

Susan and Brit Owen were home on Tuesday evening when the EF-3 tornado set its path towards their home.

“It turned dark, wind picked up, it was so so loud you could hardly hear yourself think and it seemed like a long time but it was just a matter of minutes,” says tornado survivor, Brit Owen.

Those few minutes changed the lives of many people who lived off FM 2843. Over 60 structures were damaged due to the storms.

“It took our barns it took our chicken house we saw our chicken house fly over our house but we have a place to live,” says tornado survivor, Susan Owen.

The Owens say they are one of the fortunate ones there, many property owners suffered major damage to their homes.

“The devastation is very overwhelming it’s so hard and so much debris and so much clean up, it’s really hard to figure out where to start,” says Brit.

The storm ripped out about 2 miles of the Owen’s fence, and when members of the community heard about it, they stepped up to help.

“We’re very blessed, there’s so many people who come with machinery that cost millions of dollars and donated their time and their machinery to put the fence up so we can keep our animals safe,” says Susan.

Brit quips, with the help of the community they were able to put the new fence up quicker than their original fence.

“There’s no way any one person or one family can handle this kind of devastation not on their own,” says Brit.

The Owen’s would like to thank those who donated their time this week helping restore their community.