ITASCA, Texas – The Itasca police tells FOX 44 that Casey Phillips was on a crime spree that started in Burleson and led to Itasca where he broke into a nearby 18-wheeler sitting on the side of the road. Police go on to say Phillips then walked over to a nearby Sonic drive thru, where he attempted to assault 17-year-old Tariah Demmons and her mother.

“This guy, he came out to open the door. He had a knife already in is hand, he tells us to get out,” says 17- year-old Tariah Demmons, victim of assault.

Tariah and her mother say they went into panic mode and started to scream, getting the attention of Carlos Ortiz who was working inside the sonic drive thru.

“Honestly, I didn’t think about the consequences about me. But obviously I wouldn’t think about that, especially when it comes to saving other people,” says Carlos Ortiz, Itasca fugitive hero.

Carlos ran out the drive thru attempting to fight off Phillip’s. Carlos says Phillip’s managed to get in the car and drive off with Tariah still inside the passenger seat.

“The time the car was taken off, the police were already chasing them and he started the car. I’m just glad that I jumped out when I did because I would have been stuck in the car,” says Demmons.

Police say Phillip’s eventually wrecked the car east of Itasca where he suffered injuries to his head and legs. He was taken to the Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Medical Center in Waco.

The U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force captured 25-year-old Casey Philips in Hubbard.

“I’m just glad that he got what he deserves because like I said nobody should go through that,” says Ortiz.

Tariah had minor injuries, scratched up legs, and a cut on her hand from the knife. She says she is thankful to have her friend Carlos there because things could have escalated differently.