WOODWAY, Texas – In the past two years, there has been a high demand in health care professions, including pharmacists. With January 12th being national pharmacist day, FOX 44 reached out to local pharmacist Dr. Courtney Sullens on why she decided to enter the pharmacy field.

“I don’t have to be the person giving you stitches. I can be the person helping improve your health just by giving you a shot, by giving you your blood pressure medicine, whatever it may be that day,” says pharmacist in charge at ScriptCo Pharmacy, Dr. Courtney Sullens.

Dr. Sullens says being a pharmacist takes a lot of responsibility, from filling prescriptions to comforting customers. But the role has changed since March 2020, when the pandemic began.

“Suddenly, you’re also responsible for, you know, out of stock issues that you have no control over because, you know, supply chains have been messed up during the pandemic,” says Dr. Sullens.

Dr. Sullens says in the six years she’s worked in the pharmacy she hasn’t seen this kind of demand in the health care profession.

“It’s a lot more pressure than what the pharmacy world is used to seeing,” says Dr. Sullens.

Dr. Sullens says it doesn’t just have to be on national pharmacist day, to thank a pharmacist.

“You can just let them know, you know, happy nurses day, happy physician assistant day, whatever it is just to, you know, it’s their job to help you. But it’s nice to feel appreciated.”

So if you know a pharmacist make sure to show some appreciation and thank them for all their hard work they’ve done to help during the pandemic.