WACO, Texas – June 19th, 2020 marks the 155th anniversary of Juneteenth, the day that celebrates the end of slavery in Texas and the nation.

The Bledsoe Miller Center in Waco hosted an event from noon to 6:00 p.m. promoting black-owned businesses in the area.

Organizers say from they had from 30 to 50 businesses show up the the event. It showcases different vendors – from clothes, to shoes, accessories and wigs.

The event gives those businesses owners a chance to promote their businesses and gives others the opportunity to support them.

This year’s event brought together a wide range of age groups of entrepreneurs from 19 years old to people in their mid 40’s – all coming together to celebrate a historic day back in 1865.

“I just really feel like this is an underrated holiday. I feel like it should be celebrated way more than it already is, so I just hope that this the eye-opener for our black communities to come out on this specific day and celebrate one another,” said event organizer Kelsey Gilstrap.

Business owners say attending events like these are very important.

“Networking is always a positive, and you don’t know who you’ll ever meet when you come out. So you could be talking to somebody who could help you get to that next step if you come out to events like this. It’s all about showing up and showing out,” said Kandice Iglehart-Jarrett, owner of Diamond Elite Magazine.

Other businesses in attendance were: The Keli Ann Collection, Nique’s Shoetique, Juicy Jars & Treats, Delighful Intimates, Samshea’s Presents, Scents of Royalty, Diamond Elite Magazine & Co., Culinary Cognition, Lickher Licks, Deebo TV, MLC & QUISEDIDIT, KyesKollection & Extensions, Pie Printz, Loyalty Collection, GODONEAPPAREL, Lo’s Turkey Legs & Corn, Lamore Loves Sould Food & Catering, Slimms Stash, GMT Customs, Brazos Bling, Waco’s BMC LLC, Punani Power, and Virginia’s Bounce Houses.