Today,  the African American Chamber of Commerce, getting a heartstart hosting Juneteenth events across the city.

Spectators lined themselves across the route while local equestrians and dancers entertained.

” We like to come out, we like to see the bands, we like to see the cars. We just like to see everybody doing what they do,”  says Patty Price.

Price and her family are devoted spectators who have been attending the parade for more than 20 years.The day goes back to June 19th 1886 when enslaved Africans Americans in Texas learned their freedom, despite Abraham Lincoln ending slavery 2 years prior.

“My Favorite part of this is just being able to come together with….your people. And celebrate and have a good time,”  Danielle Bryant, a spectator.

Waco’s NAACP,  Peaches Henry says the day is about educating the younger generation.

“African American’s history is everybody’s history and so if we do not learn about our history, we really can’t move forward,” says Peaches Henry, President Waco NAACP.

Other Juneteenth events across Central Texas include:

  •  Juneteenth Family And Community Connections, June 18th 2019.  12 PM. Killeen Community Center
  • Family Juneteenth Celebrations. June 19th 2019. Brazos Valley African American Museum