Killeen City Council bans no-knock warrants in 6-1 vote


KILLEEN, Texas – No-knock warrants are officially banned for the Killeen Police Department.

In a seven-year span, the Killeen Police Department issued 81 no-knock warrants which resulted in 13 injuries and two deaths – one citizen and one officer.

In a 6-1 vote on Tuesday night, no-knock warrants are prohibited in the City of Killeen.

“The six-to-one vote shocked me, you know? I wasn’t expecting that many people on board,” said Jumeka Reed, sister of James Scott Reed.

Jumeka Reed, the sister of James Scott Reed – who was shot and killed in a no-knock warrant in Killeen back in February of 2019 – says the vote is a right step, but it won’t bring her family justice.

“Banning no-knock warrants, really not going to make a big difference in our case once we go to court,” said Reed.

John Wilkerson, with the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA), says this vote will do more harm than good.

“Now what we are saying is, ‘Okay officers, we understand you deal with the evil part of society and we want to take away tools that allow you to return safely to your families,'” said Wilkerson.

During the meeting, Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble said having that tool in their back pocket without eliminating it completely would be a good thing.

“When you take something away, we may need it. I like having all my tools available to me. I have a professional staff. I have a professional SWAT Team. We have a lot of checks and balances, and I like to keep that in place,” said Chief Kimble.

Councilmember Steve Harris of District 4 voted against getting rid of the no-knock warrants because he believes the people of Killeen should make this decision in the November election.

“I’m not speaking for it, I’m not speaking against it. I’m speaking for the citizens being able to make a decision because this is our job. We represent them, and we let them make these kind of decisions,” said Harris.

Those who wanted no-knock warrants eliminated can now breath a sigh of relief.

“This has been brought to the Council so many times, and it just kept getting knocked back down. So I’m just happy that it’s finally over,” said Reed.

The ordinance says no peace officer employed by the City of Killeen can request, execute or participate in a no-knock warrant. If this is violated, that peace officer will be subject to discipline.

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