January 01 2022 12:00 am

Killeen Councilwoman at-large asking community for a call for action


KILLEEN, Texas – Killeen City Councilwoman At-Large Mellisa Brown is asking the community to gather together this Wednesday to talk about something important to her – bullying.

“This wasn’t a City Council decision. This is something that I personally said. This is time to act. We can’t sit around and wait any longer,” Brown says.

This Wednesday will give the community a chance to speak with Brown to share their thoughts and concerns on how the city can improve.

“As an individual Council member, I have witnessed several cases recently – not just as bullying, but violence that are youth on youth,” says Brown.

Brown is inviting every parent, community leader, or anyone else who has experienced bullying or violence or just wants to provide solutions to attend this Wednesday.

“I had a parent reach out to me to have an autistic son who’s eight years old, who was stripped from his waist down and fully exposed to a classroom full of kids,” says Brown.

Brown is looking for ideas to help protect children from incidents like these.

“As a mom, it’s devastating to me. And I understand exactly how these other parents feel, but as a City Council member, I have a position where I have a voice that people will listen to,” says Brown.

Brown says she hopes by doing this, it will bring the community together and lower the bully rate in Killeen.

The meeting will take place this Wednesday at 4:00 p.m at 2201 E Veterans Memorial Boulevard.

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