KILLEEN, Texas – A year ago, Kins Jeroboan received news that changed his life entirely. He was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease.

Kins Jeroboan has been receiving dialysis for a year now. A kidney for ‘Dada’ is all Kins and Melissa Jeroboan are asking for from the community, hoping it will give them more time to spend with their five children.

“My sight just went out and then I couldn’t sleep, you know, blood coming out my nose and everything. And I was rushed to the hospital,” says Kins Jeroboan father of five.

In shock, Kins didn’t know he had issues with his kidneys. The thought of going through dialysis made him worry.

“I looked at my older kids ranging from eight years old to seven months old right now, and I decided to. I said I, I want to live, I want to live for them,” says Jeroboan

Kins has gone through dialysis three times a week for a year now, and it is taking a toll on his body.

“After dialysis, I’m so drained, exhausted, I’m just useless, I can do nothing. We’re just hoping and wishing that God touches somebody who was kind enough, you know, who will be a match and that my body would reject any kind of transplant as well,” says Jeroboan

This journey has been rough for Kins and his kids. In a Facebook post his wife Melissa Jeroboan posted she says “Dialysis has blessed him in so many ways, but in other ways, it has taken the strength that “Dada” would use to sing, “Mustang Sally” or a song from Motown’s best hits with his children, who would sing the backup. Dialysis has taken parts of him that we worry that we’ll lose.”

“Before the diagnosis, he was so strong, and he’s such a playful individual, and I look at him, I’m like, you’re like a big kid,” says Melissa Jeroboan.

Kins and Melissa are hoping someone will be his match so he can have more time with his kids to see the milestones every parent wants to see with their kids.

“Graduations, college, college grand-kids with the grand-kids, and they want me to get in order to see what life is going to bring,” both giggled.

The Jeroboan family hopes that they will find a match for their, “Dada”, Kins Jeroboan. They are incredibly hopeful of finding an O type donor as Dada is O+.

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