Killeen ISD increases security with new synchronized door locking system


New security measures at one of the biggest school districts in Central Texas.

As of Monday, all of Killeen ISD high schools have a new synchronized door locking system.

It’s aim is to keep intruders out and students in, as part of a series of security upgrades thoughout the district.

“From a principal standpoint, it just makes me feel a little bit better about my students and my staff and even visitors that come in, that we have an additional system in place to keep safety our number one concern,” said Kara Trevino, Principal at Killeen High School.

The device keeps doors locked thoughout the day.

“I think it’s a deterrent it absolutely lets people know that if you don’t take the appropriate ways to enter our school that you’re not welcome,” said Trevino.

In fact, the only way to get into the school though those locked doors is with a pass key.

“So if you don’t have that then you can’t come in and you have to find some other way,” said Trevino.

The $100,000 system, which is part of the district’s $426 million bond, forces anyone without a pass key — like visitors and students —  to enter the school though the front doors, only after being buzzed in.

“That’s a really nice security system to have just that one way to get in and not relying on other things or allowing other people to have things to get in,” added Trevino.

With the one year anniversary of the Parkland shooting in Florida one month away, the district says these types of measures are essential.

“I think it’s just a reminder to continue to be vigilant and like I said, we talk to our staff constantly, we do our drills monthly for preparation, we do those for situations not to be scared or not because things come up but just to be safe,” said Trevino.

Keeping the school’s 2,300 students safe while they learn.

“Want everyone to just come to school knowing that this is a loving, caring and safe environment and we want all of our kids’ dreams to come true,” said Trevino.

The pass key works similar to a credit card in that it can be deactivated if it gets lost or stolen.

The new unlocking and locking system is part of a series of security upgrades that include:

– Buzzer systems at all elementary schools and high schools for office staff to be able to control access.

– Fencing, wrapping up contruction documets for 10 miles of fencing district wide and will begin installation later this year.

– Intercoms, implementing new and modified intercom systems district wide.

– Construction of new High School and Middle School that will allow the district to reduce enrollment at overcrowded schools and get rid of the less secure trailer classrooms at high schools and middle schools.

– Increasing of police department by 17% last year. Three uniformed Killeen ISD police officers at every regular high school.

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